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Forest Women - 72% Cocoa

Geographic coordinates of the cocoa harvesting location: 1° 37′ 39″ S | 48° 27′ 50″ W

Barcarena - Arauaia River - Pará - Amazon - Brazil

Harvested in Barcarena, on the banks of the Arauaia River, in Pará, the cocoa beans native to this secondary forest, with a low floodplain biome, have a subtle and pleasant aroma, with perfect fermentation, which softens the astringency and acidity of the cocoa. This chocolate is the result of the resilience and integration with nature of a small group of women from the forest, who masterfully manage an area of more than 200 hectares.

Poets in their relationship with nature, the women honored in this chocolate bar are Iolanda, Maria, Elda, Simone and Vitória. Skillful and strong, they manage cocoa in a flooded area, difficult to access, with clay soil. They enter the closed forest fearlessly, advancing  with dexterity between roots and branches, and emerge back carrying in their heavy baskets the cacao from this native forest on the banks of the Arauaia River.

Afterwards, cocoa is kindly selected - one of the activities that make up the routine of being a mother, worker and breadwinner of these resilient women who are part of the same family. His companions sell products from a forest rich in biodiversity in Belém: açaí, murumuru seed, andiroba, pracaxi, among others. The selection, breaking, fermentation, drying and storage of this cocoa also depends on the subtlety of women. 

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