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Discover the chocolate that neutralizes one day of your

carbon and  contributes to sustainable business in the Amazon

promoting the standing forest


Can you imagine enjoying a chocolate with Amazonian terroir and, at the same time, contributing to solving the climate crisis? Whoever buys the De Mendes chocolate and cupulate makes this a reality, as each bar neutralizes a day of consumer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, that is, it helps to mitigate the environmental impact of our daily activities.

All the actions we carry out in our daily lives, even the simplest ones, generate some environmental impact. Our daily activities (what we eat, the way we dress and move around the city, for example), fires, deforestation  and incorrect waste disposal are the main emitters of greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming and climate change.

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How do your decisions impact the planet? 

When you taste chocolate and De Mendes cupulate, you contribute to mitigating the impact of your daily actions.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions depends on a collective effort that involves people, companies and governments. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate actions that minimize the environmental impact, such as, for example, opting for products that respect the environment. 

On the other hand, keeping our forests standing is crucial in this positive impact, since, through photosynthesis, plants are able to absorb part of the carbon dioxide (CO2), helping to control its accumulation in the atmosphere.

What to do to minimize damage?


In addition to the production model aligned with socio-environmental sustainability and modern ESG criteria, De Mendes works with carbon credits to promote more conscious consumption.

Carbon credits come from sustainable projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, investment in environmental technologies or through forest preservation and reforestation of degraded areas.

Why does De Mendes buy carbon credits?

How does credit reach the forest?

The neutralization of carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits is possible through the partnership between De Mendes and ZCO2, a platform for a coalition of people and companies in favor of the environment and sustainable development.  With 20 years of experience in developing and implementing renewable energy projects, she uses innovative blockchain technology to track Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction initiatives.

De Mendes buys carbon credits from REDD+ Projects ,  directly impacting the preservation of  hundreds of thousands of hectares of the Amazon Rainforest.

  REDD+ projects  they are captained by the companies Biofílica-Ambipar and Carbonext, among others, and guarded by Verra, internationally recognized, and develop actions to combat deforestation, with social activities and the preservation of biodiversity. When purchasing a carbon credit, De Mendes receives a certificate, generated with a unique and non-transferable alphanumeric code, guaranteeing the origin of that purchase.

Understand what it means 1 bar = 1 day of neutralization

Each unit of carbon credit corresponds to one ton of carbon dioxide (tCO2) that has not been released into the atmosphere. To arrive at the value of individual emissions per day, we take into account the total CO2 emissions from Brazil in the year. In this case, we use 2019 and 2020, which were the most recent years of official publication of the data. Then we subtract avoided emissions from protected areas and other environmental initiatives. Finally, we divided this subtraction by the Brazilian population in the respective years (data from IBGE).

To find the daily emission per inhabitant, we divided by 365 days of the year to arrive at this average daily emissions of a person in Brazil. Currently, each person in Brazil emits, on average, about 7.0 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is equivalent to about 20 kg CO2 per day!


See how the calculation is made for Brazil with reference to the years 2019 and 2020. The total numbers can be viewed here .

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Buy De Mendes bars and enjoy incredible chocolates and cupulates, which neutralize your carbon emissions, prevent deforestation of the Amazon Forest, preserve biodiversity and promote local socioeconomic development. Experience conscious consumption and do your part in transforming the world!

See below the purchase certificates and the credit counter already purchased.









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