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Chocolates De Mendes is named startup of the year at the World BioEconomy Forum


Chocolates De Mendes won the “Startup of the Year” award at the World BioEconomy Forum , which took place from October 18 to 20, in Belém, Pará. The event's Advisory Committee took into account the company's impact on the circular bioeconomy and for climate change.


De Mendes emerged in 2014 not only among the traditional populations of the Amazon, such as indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverside dwellers, caboclos and family farmers, but in line with the values of these peoples, who are partners and suppliers of native cocoa and cupuaçu beans. for the manufacture of chocolates and cupulates.


"It is this wealth of culture, ancestral knowledge and history that our bars carry and want to tell. De Mendes has a desire and a sense of urgency to contribute to people's quality of life, the preservation of culture and identity of the peoples who live in the Amazon, as well as to keep the forest standing, which is crucial for the climate balance of our planet”, says chocolatier César De Mendes.


The company takes advantage of the opportunities brought by new technologies to ensure the positive impact and well-being of local communities, the conservation of the Amazon rainforest, in addition to establishing new codes in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) agenda.


Invested in the CBKK Company (Celo de Bonstato Kaj Konservado), which promotes transformative and disruptive actions at the service of future generations, Chocolates De Mendes innovates by offering consumers a day to neutralize their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per bar purchased. The customer can also follow photos of all steps in the production chain through the blockchain traceability system, available through a QR code on the product packaging.


“The award is an important recognition that shows that small Amazonian businesses, when seriously supported, can overcome regional barriers and access the world market”, declared Marcello Brito, CEO of CBKK.


More information:

Carol Almirón - Communication Chocolates De Mendes

[email protected] / +55 11 999081150


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