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The native cocoa used in this bar comes from dense primary forests of different conservation units in the Vale do Jarí. Constantly threatened by human activity, the region of approximately 2 million hectares is of great social and environmental importance. In this green immensity, small communities act as maintainers of natural resources using sustainable techniques in agro-extractivism of forest products. With exuberant flora and fauna, Vale do Jarí reveals its biodiversity in this chocolate with a soft texture and unique flavor, reminiscent of nuts and dehydrated fruits.

The green immensity is the source of inspiration for this chocolate bar, made with cocoa native to the forests of the Vale do Jarí conservation units. The region of approximately 2 million hectares is of paramount importance in the preservation of species of Brazilian fauna and flora and is also home to dozens of communities that work with forest products using sustainable techniques in agroextractivism.

The richness and complexity of the biodiversity of the area motivate the chocolatier César De Mendes to search for cocoa throughout the valley, with the support of Fundação Jarí. With extensive experience in handling Brazil nuts, the Recreio community is responsible for the almonds used in this bar. On the banks of the Paru River, about 400 people work as maintainers of natural resources, integrating economic support with preservation.


De Mendes maximizes the unique characteristics of Vale do Jarí almonds in a chocolate with 65% cocoa, soft texture and flavor that refers to nuts and dehydrated fruits.


The management of forest products in the Recreio community impacts about 400 people, who, by carrying out sustainable activities in agro-extractivism, help to preserve a region inhabited by many animals and plant species. From harvesting to production, we seek to be responsible, supportive and socioeconomically fair.  



- Brown Sugar: supplied by COPAVI – Cooperativa de Produção Agropecuária Vitória, located in Paranacity, in the northwest of the state of Paraná. Founded in 1993, from the Santa Maria settlement, with just 236 hectares and 61 inhabitants, COPAVI is the longest-running experience in collective and solidary production in Paraná.

*  eventual changes in the supplier may happen due to the availability of the product.

Vale do Jarí Chocolate - 65% Cocoa

Geographic coordinates of the cocoa harvesting location: 1° 37′ 39.06″ S | 48° 27′ 43.95″

Vale do Jarí - Pará and Amapá - Amazon - Brazil

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