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Pará brown biscuit with puxuri and salt flower covered with chocolate 60% cocoa

Geographical coordinates of the cacao harvest site:
02° 24′ 53″ S | 48° 8′ 60″ O

Origin of cocoa, nuts and puxuri:

Tomé-Açú - Pará - Amazônia - Brasil

"Discover and share the unique flavors of the forest with handmade heart-shaped Brazilian nut cookies. Sprinkled with flower of salt and puxuri, a native Amazonian spice with hints of clove and star anise, these cookies are covered with 60% cocoa chocolate. The Brazilian nuts, puxuri, and cocoa are sourced from the agroforestry system on Francisco Sakaguchi's property in Tomé-Açú, Pará.


Chocolatier and social entrepreneur César De Mendes innovates by combining Amazonian ingredients in these Brazilian nut cookies, incorporating puxuri and flower of salt, all covered in 60% cocoa chocolate. The foundation of these treats, the cocoa and nuts, are grown in an agroforestry system by Francisco Wataro Sakaguchi in Tomé-Açú, Pará.

The cookies are handcrafted by Haruko Sakaguchi, Francisco's wife, who carefully prepares a smooth nutty dough, stretches it on a stone, and cuts out heart-shaped cookies one by one. Her delicate hands are accompanied by the watchful eyes of her partner, symbolizing the couple's deep connection with the providing nature.

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Francisco is the son of visionary forest engineer Noburo Sakaguchi, who moved to Brazil in the mid-20th century and planted a forest from which over 80 fruit-bearing trees, lush foliage, and remarkable biodiversity are harvested today. The area is a testament to regenerative agroforestry planting, a response to the repeated failures of monoculture farming by previous generations.

Drawing from the legacy of teachings and insights passed down by his father, coupled with his profound knowledge of the forest and his connection with nature, Francisco Sakaguchi now identifies as an extractivist rather than a farmer. He practices 'Natural Agriculture,' a holistic system guided by nature's intrinsic wisdom, across much of his property.

At the De Mendes factory in Colônia Chicano (Santa Bárbara do Pará), the intense puxuri is integrated as an aromatic element, grated and sprinkled onto the buttery cookie dough. Here, puxuri establishes a harmonious relationship with the other ingredients. Well-known and used in the Northern region of Brazil in cosmetics and herbal products due to its essential oil, this oily seed is a spice resembling nutmeg in shape, adding complexity to the aroma profile with notes of cloves, cinnamon, star anise, and mint.

Then, the puxuri-infused Brazilian nut cookies are dipped in chocolate, formulated exclusively for Sakaguchi's 60% cocoa recipe. Delicate flower of salt is added meticulously at the end of the process, intensifying the flavors of both the cookie and chocolate, which meld and linger longer on the palate.

This gentle persistence is essential for comfortably and pleasurably savoring the rare Amazonian cookies."

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Chocolate (cacao, mascavo sugar and cocoa butter), biscuits (sugar, wheat flour, eggs, Pará chestnut, butter and milk), salt flower and puxuri.
Allergic: contains wheat, eggs, Pará chestnut, milk and derivatives.

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