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Chocolate truffle with 60% cocoa and Apuí coffee

Geographical coordinates of the cocoa harvesting site

 2° 24′ 53″ S | 48° 8′ 60″ O

Origin of cocoa: Tomé-Açú - Pará - Amazônia - Brasil
Origin of coffee:Apuí - Amazonas - Amazônia - Brasil

Perfect combination of ingredients and respect for nature in chocolates crafted with 60% Sakaguchi cocoa and Apuí coffee, sourced from organic and sustainable production in an agroforestry system in the Amazon. Discover the chocolates that underline the pleasant intensity of chocolate in harmony with the aromatic acidity of coffee.

The Amazonian terroir and the cultivation method of the ingredients stand out in the chocolates with coffee from the Povos da Floresta De Mendes line.

Planted in an agroforestry system by Francisco Wataro Sakaguchi in Tomé-Açú, Pará, the cocoa used in the formulation of the 60% Sakaguchi chocolate blends with Apuí coffee - derived from organic and sustainable production in the city of Apuí, Amazonas - in chocolates that reflect the efforts of small producers to preserve the forest.

Francisco is the son of the visionary forest engineer Noburo Sakaguchi, who moved to Brazil in the mid-20th century and planted a forest that now yields more than 80 fruit-bearing trees, with lush trees and remarkable biodiversity. The area serves as an example of regeneration through agroforestry planting after successive failures of previous generations in monoculture cultivation.

Building on the legacy of teachings and insights passed down from his father, along with his profound knowledge of the forest and his connection to nature, Francisco Sakaguchi now considers himself an extractivist rather than a farmer. He applied "Natural Farming," a holistic system guided by the intrinsic wisdom of nature, across much of his property.

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"The lands in the Apuí region were occupied by pastures, after the forest was cleared for cattle. After some time, the project became unfeasible and the investors abandoned the land. As a result, locals and riverbank dwellers from the Amazon took over the area and began reforesting on their own. One of these forest regeneration activities was the planting of coffee, which happened when the trees were already in the mid-growth stage. It's known that shaded planting, amidst the trees in the agroforestry system, ensures better quality and flavor for the coffee," says chocolatier César De Mendes.

The work of over 30 producer families helps to recover deforested areas in a sustainable production chain, generating income for hundreds of farmers in Apuí. 

At the De Mendes factory in Colônia Chicano (Santa Bárbara do Pará), the cocoa is ground together with coffee powder to create a smoother chocolate base that enhances the coffee flavor. The certified organic coffee is of the Robusta variety, with a strong presence and distinctive taste, which pairs well with the intense Sakaguchi chocolate made from Maranhão cocoa. Its tannin notes are quite prominent, harmonizing beautifully with the coffee's acidity. The result is a solid, remarkable chocolate with a pleasant lingering flavor. Ideal for mornings and afternoons of activities that demand concentration and enjoyment.



Cocoa, brown sugar, cocoa butter, and coffee powder.

Allergic: may contain Brazil nuts.

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