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Sakaguchi With Milk - 47% Cocoa

Geographical coordinates of the cocoa harvesting location: 2° 24′ 53″ S | 48° 8′ 60″ W

Tomé-Açú - Pará - Amazon - Brazil

Sakaguchi milk chocolate is the creamier version of the bar that honors a Japanese family that has a historical relationship with the region where they set their roots. Planted in an agroforestry system by Francisco Wataro Sakaguchi , the cocoa harvested by CAMTA – Cooperativa Mista de Agricultores de Tomé-Açú, in Pará, is the basis for the preparation of a chocolate characterized by sensory comfort.  


Francisco is the son of a forestry engineer named Noburo Sakaguchi, who moved to Brazil in the mid-20th century and planted a forest where more than 80 fruit trees are now harvested, with leafy trees and remarkable biodiversity. The area is an example of regeneration through the agroforestry system of planting after successive failures of previous generations in the cultivation of monocultures.  


With the legacy of his father's teachings and learning, in addition to his deep knowledge of the forest and connection with nature, Francisco Sakaguchi currently considers himself an extractivist and no longer a farmer. He has applied “Natural Agriculture” to much of his property, a holistic system that is guided by the intrinsic wisdom of nature.  

For this bar, the chocolatier César De Mendes developed a composition that respects the active ingredients (cocoa, cupuaçu butter and whole milk) and found the ideal proportion to make a chocolate with creaminess without losing the notes of dried fruits, wood and nuts. , inherited from the cacao of the Sakaguchi family. 

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